Eurolite A2 ocelový stojan na světla, 260cm, 14kg

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Inexpensive lighting stand with T bar, max. load 14 kg, max. height 260 cm
Stable lighting stand for mobile use
T bar with pin for 4 spotlights
Adjustable height: 115-260 cm, with locking pin
Centric load: 14 kg

Maximum carrying capacity: 14 kg
Height: maximum: 2,6 m
Height: minimum: 1,15 m
Color: Black
Attachment: TV spigot system mini 20 mm
Material: Steel
Weight: 3,50 kg
Maximum elevation: 1.45 m
T bar: 1.0 m
Adapter: O 20.5 mm
Transport dimensions: 1.1 x 0.12 m

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