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Futurelight DMH-300 Beam/Wash CMY Moving Head 270W

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Výkonná otočná hlavice osazená jasnou bílou 270W COB LED. CMY modul pro širokou škálu barev, barevné kolo s CTO filtrem, Gobo kolo se statickými obrazci a Gobo kolo s rotačními obrazci. Prisma, Iris, Frost filtr, motorický Zoom, Strobo efekt, stmívání a řada dalších funkcí. // Originální popis produktu (EN): Powerful LED moving head with CMY color mixing. The DMH-300 is Futurelight’s newest and largest LED spotlight to date. In the heart, it carries a particularly bright 270 watts LED. The very special: Color mixing is done via a CMY module. The LED used is cold white. You bring colors into play with the CMY module: This consists of three large color wheels, each of which steplessly displays one of the three primary colors cyan (turquoise), magenta (pink) and yellow. Each of these three colors can be added to the color mixture in any intensity. In this way you create completely different colors than with RGB-based color mixing. At the same time, you are not bound to the given, limited

Power supply: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
DMX channels: 19/21/28/29
DMX connection: 5-pin and 3-pin XLR
Sound-control: via built-in microphone
LED type: 270 W COB, white, 8000 K
LED number: 1
Beam angle: 8-44
Color-system: CMY color-mixture
Color-wheel: 8 dichroic filters plus open
Static gobo-wheel: 7 gobos and open
Rotating gobo-wheel: 7 gobos and open
Outside diameter of the gobos: 27 mm
Image diameter of the gobos: 22 mm
Maximum PAN-movement 630: in 4 s
Maximum TILT-movement 265: in 2.8 s
Dimensions (L x W x H): 445 x 369 x 534 mm
Weight: 25,10 kg
Lamp type: LED lamp
Cooling fan: yes, temperature controlled
IP classification: IP20
Power consumption: 340 W
Beam angle: 8 – 44
Width: 44,5 cm
Depth: 36,9 cm
Height: 53,4 cm
Max. PAN movement: Exact positioning (16 bit resolution) 540 Positioning switchable to 630 Pan tilt feedback
Max. TILT movement: Exact positioning (16 bit resolution) 265 Pan tilt feedback
DMX channels: 19; 21; 28; 29
Ecodesign regulation: Yes
Special product: Not designe

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