Lanko jistící bond 5 mm x 600 mm s karabinou, černé

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SAVEKING is a newly developed safety bond with integrated fall brake. This drop damping reduces the mechanic impact while falling. Due to the loop, the fixation point and the device are less stressed. A colour marking at the loop indicates when the rope must be replaced.
Impulse absorbing safety bondSafety bond with integrated drop damping
BG certified
Suitable for securing loads above persons
With two thimbles
Kettbiner (90 x 8, 200 kg) included
Made in Germany

Secured weight (BGV C1): max. 60 kg
Design of the core: 6 x 19 WSC
Strength classification: 1770
Nominal tensile strenght of rope: 1770 N/mm
Wire surface: Zinc-plated
Color: Black
Length: 60 cm
Diameter: 5 mm
Weight: 0,26 kg
Rope length: 0.6 m
Rope diameter: 5 mm

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