Relacart UH-222D, ruční bezdrátový mikrofon

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Dynamic hand-held microphone with UHF pilot tone technology (PLL). Ergonomic aluminum alloy housing, applicable for touring. Matches receiver UR-222S. 2 license-free frequency ranges: 823-832MHz (Duplex Gap)and 863-865MHz. 10 groups with 90 fixed frequencies within 11 MHz switching bandwidth. Infrared interface for easy and error-free synchronization with the receiver via infrared signal. Operation range approx. 80 meters. OLED display for battery status and frequency. Mute function. RF output power Hi/Low adjustable. Directly compatible with Shures SM58 capsule. Operation via 2 x 1.5 V battery (type AA), not included. License-free and approved in large parts of the EU (please check Duplex Gap on a country-by-country basis).

Type: Dynamic
Directivity pattern: Cardioid
Carrier frequency: UHF 823-832 MHz and 863-865 MHz
Transmitting frequencies: 90
10 frequency banks with up to 10 preset frequencies each
Switching bandwidth: 11 MHz
Deviation: 45 kHz
Modulation: FM
Coverage: 80 m (with line-of-sight)
Power supply: 2 x 1.5 V battery (type AA)
Current consumption: approx. 120 mA
Battery life: approx. 8 hours
Dimensions: 52 x 255 mm
Weight: 235 g

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