Sommer CABLE DMX cable XLR 5pin 3m bk

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DMX cable by premium manufacturer Sommer CableThese premade cables are the perfect choice for the transmission of the 110 ohms AES/EBU DMX512 data format.Important note: the use of a standard microphone cable is not recommended due to data and information losses (caused by the skin effect). In the lighting domain data losses cause a total jam with signal transmissions or the control of scanner systems.The very affordable price of this cable should make it easy to switch from a standard microphone cable to a proper AES/EBU cable. Our AES/EBU cable guarantees the error-free data transfer even over longer distances of up to 100 metres. We use the BINARY 434 AES/EBU MKII AES/EBU cable with 100 % shielding and the HICON XLR connectors.AES/EBU- and DMX-conformant, highly flexible. Very good shielding through the use of copper spiral shielding and a fleece vaporized with aluminum. Extremely robust with an especially strong jacket. Only a little more expensive than a standard microphone cable.

Shipping weight: 0.300 kg
Cable length: 3 m
Plug A: 1 x 5-pole XLR (M)
Plug B: 1 x 5-pole XLR (F)

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