Sommer CABLE Microphone cable AES/EBU 2×0.14 100m bk SC-Micro-St

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The shrinking violet among the microphone cables is the new AES/EBU-capable SC-MICRO-STAGE.Though it may look somewhat inconspicuous at first sight, it splendidly meets the most essential requirements of contemporary live and studio technology.It has a cold-flexible, soft PVC jacket, a low capacitance and is very easy to handle.The compact cable diameter of 5,80 mm is ideal for using stereo jack connectors and XLR connectors with a small cable passage like they are still very popular e.g. overseas or on the US market.When used as a patch or MIDI cable, it will occupy only very little space in your patchbay or in the home studio.Due to its tight, concentric litz stranding and the foamed Skin PE wire insulation, the SC-MICRO-STAGE can easily transmit analogue and digital signals 110 ohms over distances greater than 100 metres.
Microphone cable SC-MICRO-STAGE2 x 0.14 mm?, PVC ? 5.8 mm, black
High transmission quality due to the usw of fine stranding
Very rugged owing to the thick, sof

Construction: 2LIY 1,5 mm) Y
No. of inner conductors: 2 x 1.5 mm
Copper strand per conductor: 84 x 0.15 mm
Temperature range: -30 C to +70 C
Fire load per m: 0.29 kWh
Weight per 1 m:78 g
Electrical data
Capac. cond./cond. per 1 m: 150 pF
Cond. resistance per 1 km: less 13 ohms
Insulation resist. per 1 km >5M ohm
Shipping weight: 8.00 kg
Cable length: 100 m
Color: Black
Plug A:1 x No connector/cable only
Plug B: 1 x No connector/cable only

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