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Univerzální transportní Case R-7, 800 x 600 mm, s kolečky

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High-quality workmanship with 7 mm plywood multilayered glued, black laminated. Interior and cover (non-removeable) with black felt cover. 3 chromium-plated strut hinges. Aluminum profile frames (30 mm) with rounded edges. Three-leg, large steel ball corners for stacking. 2 large butterfly locks (w/o locking function). 2 hinged, chromium plated case handles. 4 castors, 2 of which with locking brakes.

Max. Load: 50 kg
Strength: 7 mm
Outside dimensions (WxDxH): 820 x 620 x 465 mm
Inside dimensions:
Mounting width: 775 mm
Mounting depth: 320 mm
Mounting height: 575 mm
Outer dimensions/corners: 54 mm
Weight: 19 kg
Shipping weight: 21.200 kg

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